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Regions in Dominica

Dominica is made up of 10 primary administrative regions. Have a closer look at the regions in Dominica. Information on all primary administrative regions in Dominica.

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Primary administrative regions in Dominica

There are 10 regions in Dominica in the primary administrative level.
Primary administrative regions in Dominica
RegionNoPopulationCapitalCapital population
Saint Andrew Saint Andrew1.11,122Wesley Wesley1,933
Saint David Saint David2.7,014Rosalie Rosalie802
Saint George Saint George3.20,441Roseau Roseau16,571
Saint John Saint John4.5,010Portsmouth Portsmouth3,633
Saint Joseph Saint Joseph5.6,213Saint Joseph Saint Joseph2,184
Saint Luke Saint Luke6.1,603Pointe Michel Pointe Michel1,202
Saint Mark Saint Mark7.1,904Soufriere Soufrière1,416
Saint Patrick Saint Patrick8.8,918Berekua Berekua2,608
Saint Paul Saint Paul9.7,515Pont Casse Pont Cassé702
Saint Peter Saint Peter10.1,604Colihaut Colihaut890